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Monday, May 31, 2010

No Phone Required Home Job

For those who are looking to work as an online writer there are various companies that you can apply with as a  freelance writer. is one of the ones that is a home job not a business, and does not require a phone. You have to complete an application and be accepted. is currently looking for Examiners in the Fresno area and nationwide. If you are good at grammar, and are knowledgeable in a subject (which everyone is) Here are the steps to the process of becoming an Examiner:

1) Visit and click “Write for us”. Then click “Apply Now”
2) Choose your topic or suggest one.
3) Fill out the requested information (be sure to include Melissa Van Horn, the ID # 36092, or “Fresno Work From Home Examiner” as your referrer)
4) Complete your list of qualifications (which can be any type of writing or knowledge you have on the  topic), and submit a writing sample on your chosen topic.

After submitting your application it becomes a waiting game. On average you should hear something in about two weeks. If you are accepted you will receive an e-mail explaining the next steps to getting started.

Remember, the key to making money by writing is to write good quality articles frequently. You are also going to want to promote you articles; social networking is a good way to do this.

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About the Author: Melissa Van Horn is a work from home, homeschool mom. She has spent several years and several thousand dollars searching for the perfect home based business. She has finally found that with Ameriplan®. She has a passion for sharing her experiences with others through Examiner. In addition to running her Ameriplan® business, Melissa has a Barefoot Books business and does freelance writing for several clients.Melissa can be contacted here.


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