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Monday, May 31, 2010

Using Twitter for your home business

Twitter is often a great marketing tool for those with a home business. Twitter is fairly easy to use.
1) After signing up for a Twitter account customize your page with all of your information.
2) Start getting followers: add a link to your Twitter page on your signatures; follow others and often they will follow you in return (a faster way to do this is using BirdyAdder, the program automates you following others which frees up your day).
3) Post at least 3-5 tweets per day
The more followers you have, the more effective your marketing is.

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Melissa Van Horn is a work from home, homeschool mom. She has spent several years and several thousand dollars searching for the perfect home based business. She has finally found that with Ameriplan®. She has a passion for sharing her experiences with others through Examiner. In addition to running her Ameriplan® business, Melissa has a Barefoot Books business and does freelance writing for several clients.Melissa can be contacted here.
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